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The Day Dream conducts theatre-related events and workshops in Melbourne and New Delhi which are aimed at self-exploration as well as exploring the craft through things like theatre games, improvisation, voice, movement, script writing, adaptation, music, stage performance, and heaps more. The focus in all our workshops is for every participant to feel involved and explore opportunities to grow at their own pace in a relaxed and affirming environment. Our workshops are aimed at helping people feel connected, inspired and challenged, but above all, they are about having a great time!

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We’re all about community, i.e. the people that we work with, and welcome anyone who is interested in theatre and likes to have fun! (You do not need to have prior experience with theatre/acting, just some interest and willingness to give it a go.) Our workshops are designed to be a training ground for people considering theatre as their calling in life, but are equally suitable for people from other professions or life situations who would like to increase their confidence, develop their personality, meet new people, or simply do something fun on the side.

Check out our upcoming events here, or get in touch if you’d like to know more! 🙂

Reviews from our workshop participants:

“Aridhi Anderson is a phenomenal director, scriptwriter and a wonderful artist to work with. The activities that take place during the entire build-up is so much fun and helps create the strongest and most positive of bonds between the actors. This workshop is a stress-buster.” – Tejesh

“… be prepared to meet a supportive and fun bunch of fellow-actors, many of whom will be first timers, and workshop in a safe environment with a director who knows how to pull the best performance out of you.” – Koyel

“Right from the time when it begins till the time we temporarily say goodbye, the journey is always full of excitement, challenges, bonding, care, introspection, love, discovery, friendship, anxiety and self-exploration. These workshops have become platforms for me to explore myself, my body, and my mind. And that is one exhilarating experience.” – Yasir

“The environment was warm, fun and inclusive. You could be a clown in there and no one would judge you… It’s not just some serious ‘acting classes’ but a place to have fun and grow, in every which way.” – Aishwarya

“From writing stories and adapting them, to stance, voice modulation, connecting with the audience, it was a new lesson in every class. I would definitely like to repeat the experience.” – Prerna

“I made a pledge during the course of the last workshop, that I am never going to miss a single future workshop to be conducted by The Day Dream in New Delhi, India. There are many more scenes to be written.” – Chayan