[New Delhi] Weekend Theatre Workshops: October-November 2018

New Delhi, we’re delighted to announce the next run of the Day Dream’s signature 10 session whirlwind introduction to theatre. Run over a period of five short weekends, this course is designed to get your creative juices flowing while having a great time!

We will run sessions on a range of creative topics like improvisation, movement, speech, voice, story telling, script interpretation and analysis, character development, working creatively with a team, and heaps more. At the end of the five weekends we will put together a public performance in which every workshop participant will play a part. Don’t say you can’t do it, because this workshop is all about bringing out what’s hidden away inside you!

No prior experience with theatre is needed, just bring your sense of fun and give something new a go 🙂

Days: Saturdays & Sundays
Dates: 27 October to 1 December 2018
Place: The Day Dream Studio, GK-3
Price: INR 4500

To register, please enter your contact details and class preference here:

We will email you payment details within a few hours of receiving your registration. Registration and pre-payment is essential to confirm your spot. We recommend early registration, as spots tend to fill very quickly.

Testimonials from past participants:

“Aridhi Anderson is a phenomenal director, scriptwriter and a wonderful artist to work with. The activities that take place during the entire build-up is so much fun and helps create the strongest and most positive of bonds between the actors. This workshop is a stress-buster.” – Tejesh S.

“The environment was warm, fun and inclusive. You could be a clown in there and no one would judge you… It’s not just some serious ‘acting classes’ but a place to have fun and grow, in every which way.” – Aishwarya P.

“Aridhi not only focuses on technical aspects of improving acting… she also creates an environment where all the actors and actresses feel part of the troupe. A true sense of community and camaraderie developed over the 5 weeks and that for many of us is far more important.” – Nima A.

“Right from the time when it begins till the time we temporarily say goodbye, the journey is always full of excitement, challenges, bonding, care, introspection, love, discovery, friendship, anxiety and self-exploration. These workshops have become platforms for me to explore myself, my body, and my mind. And that is one exhilarating experience.” – Yasir A.

“… be prepared to meet a supportive and fun bunch of fellow-actors, many of whom will be first timers, and workshop in a safe environment with a director who knows how to pull the best performance out of you.” – Koyel L.

“Aridhi’s The Day Dream is one of the most honest things ever I have experienced. Honest: because it lets you be honest to yourself. It doesn’t ask you to pretend, and it doesn’t judge… Aridhi gives me a sense of belonging in a world that is otherwise very chaotic. Her understanding of the art is deep and mindblowingly abstract. It lets you find your own meaning.” – Yashu G.

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