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The Team

Aridhi Anderson
Director, Writer, Actor

Aridhi Anderson began her creative journey in 2007, training under eminent theatre director Arvind Gaur. Over the years, she has trained with theatre practitioners in India and Australia, and has worked on a variety of productions, gaining experience as an actor, writer and director. She founded the Day Dream in 2015, and now runs regular actor training workshops in New Delhi and Melbourne. With the Day Dream, Aridhi has written and directed plays based on works by William Shakespeare, Anton Chekhov, Mark Twain, and the brothers Grimm, among others. Aridhi is passionate about all things creative, and loves to help people unlock their inner artist.

Paul Anderson
Actor, Tech

Paul Anderson is an IT professional with a passion for all things technical. Paul has been with the Day Dream since 2015, and is keenly involved in almost all of the Day Dream’s events both in New Delhi and in Melbourne. Although Paul is naturally a quiet person, he loves to unleash his dramatic energy in improv games and Shakespearean texts. When he isn’t programming computers or enacting fantastical scenes, he enjoys cooking, reading and gardening.

Tejesh Sangani
Actor, Choreographer

Tejesh Sangani is a dancer with the Shiamak Davar group and has performed at various commercial shows alongside stars such as Gauhar Khan, Badshah and Indeep Bakshi. He has been a valued member of the Day Dream since its inception in 2015, and is among the first to be noticed by newcomers for his friendliness and ability to put people at ease. Tejesh is very committed to physical fitness, and his artistic interests extend beyond dance and theatre: he also loves to sketch. Despite always being neck-deep in creative pursuits, he also works full time as a regional account manager in the F&B industry.

Noel Norris
Actor, Musician

Noel Norris is a creative entrepreneur with a strong aversion to “9 to 5 bondage”. He has been a valued member of the Day Dream since its inception in 2015. He is a skilled guitarist and singer, and loves to act and perform for an audience despite being a naturally shy person. Apart from acting and music, he is also a nature lover and an explorer, and dreams of travelling the world. His motto in life is to work hard and play harder.

Chayan Sarkar

Chayan Sarkar is a 5th generation lawyer practicing in the Supreme Court of India. He is a partner at KIAA, LLP (a law firm he co-founded in 2012) and heads the legal think tank of Global Counter Terrorism Council, New Delhi. Chayan loves theatre and has been with the Day Dream since 2016. Although he is shy by nature, Chayan enjoys revealing sides of himself on stage that people don’t always get to see in real life. For him, theatre serves as a stress buster and is a welcome change from his usual workaholic routine. Chayan’s other interests include music, reading, travelling and writing.

Arjun Gupta

Arjun Gupta is a traveller, an artist and an entertainer, with years of corporate experience and an ambitious entrepreneurial mindset. He is a trained dancer, a keen photographer, and a happiness addict who embodies living in the moment. Arjun has been with the Day Dream since 2016, and is loved in the team for his creativity and his ability to spread laughter wherever he goes. Arjun is, of course, aware that he is awesome and is therefore madly, deeply, and irrevocably in love with himself.

Aishwarya Pahwa

Aishwarya Pahwa is a student of English Literature with no idea as to whether the knowledge will ever come in handy. She loves to watch funny shows/skits and play music, especially when she’s meant to be doing something else. She has been with the Day Dream since 2016 but wishes she’d been with them since 2015. When she is not sleeping she is either reading, writing or napping.