Ophelia’s Inner Monologue

OPHELIA’S INNER MONOLOGUE (written & directed by Aridhi Anderson) is the story of a young girl’s journey through crises of love, identity, power and choices. Caught up in the tangle of an abusive boyfriend, elusive dreams, and unattainable familial expectations, she contemplates every available option. She stumbles upon answers in a contemporary adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet: a rollercoaster ride of drama, romance, comedy and music, explored from the woman’s perspective.


“This clever Indo-Australian production, written and composed by Aridhi Anderson for The Day Dream, is sweet, sophisticated, funny, and deep… This work evinces both performance polish and theatrical expertise in its construction as well as its conception… Thred through with energetic delivery, strong performances, and lovely original Elizabethan-style songs… The script is funny, deft, and pointed. It’s literary polemic as well as feminist. There is a lot to like in this clever journey into who Ophelia might have been…” – Sarah W, The Plus Ones

Ophelia’s Inner Monologue is a dense show that deconstructs the character of Ophelia in a clever, insightful and theatrically inventive way… This show has contemporary resonances about emotional trauma and gaslighting and being “ghosted” but it’s also a hell of a lot of fun. Writer/director/star Aridhi Anderson plays with theatrical convention, while digging deeply into gender politics and the reverence we pay to dated classics… Anderson is a captivating performer and singer…” – Keith Gow, Writer & Reviewer



Sunday 1 October 2017 – 5 pm @ the Courthouse Hotel (North Melbourne)
Saturday 30 September 2017 – 6 pm @ the Courthouse Hotel (North Melbourne)
Friday 29 Sept 2017 – 6 pm @ the Courthouse Hotel (North Melbourne)
Thursday 28 Sept 2017 – 6 pm @ the Courthouse Hotel (North Melbourne)
Wednesday 27 Sept 2017 – 6 pm @ the Courthouse Hotel (North Melbourne)
Tuesday 26 Sept 2017 – 6 pm @ the Courthouse Hotel (North Melbourne)
Monday 25 Sept 2017 – 6 pm @ the Courthouse Hotel (North Melbourne)
Sunday 24 Sept 2017 – 6 pm @ the Courthouse Hotel (North Melbourne)
Saturday 23 Sept 2017 – 6 pm @ the Courthouse Hotel (North Melbourne)
Friday 22 Sept 2017 – 6 pm @ the Courthouse Hotel (North Melbourne)
Thursday 21 Sept 2017 – 7.30 pm @ Dancehouse (Carlton North)
Wednesday 20 Sept 2017 – 7.30 pm @ Dancehouse (Carlton North)
Tuesday 19 Sept 2017 – 7.30 pm @ Dancehouse (Carlton North)
Monday 21 Aug 2017 – 7 pm @ Habib Tanvir Studio (New Delhi)
Monday 21 Aug 2017 – 5 pm @ Habib Tanvir Studio (New Delhi)
Friday 11 Aug 2017 – 7 pm @ Akshara Theatre (New Delhi)
Sunday 2 July 2017 – 7 pm @ Library at the Dock (Docklands)