JEZEBEL is an immersive theatre experience (written & directed by Aridhi Anderson). It is a dramatic exploration of a city that pays homage to the legacy of Jezebel, a hated Biblical villain, and presents a different side to this remarkable woman – a side that is at best admirable and inspiring, and at worst, simply human.

In this show, there is no separation between stage and seating, or between actors and audience. All audience members enter the show in character after the show has already begun, and remain immersed in the show until the end. Visitors will at all times have the assistance of locals in navigating the city and the events as they unfold.

Since the City of Jezebel has its own laws and its own currency, entry into this show will not be by the purchase of tickets for money. Entry is by an offering made to the Temple of the Queen. Every audience member is requested to bring with them one item of personal value/an item with a story, but not something that is valuable in monetary terms or valuable because of sentimental value attached to another person. This must be your own offering to the Temple, something you must be willing to part with and never see again.

Past Shows

Saturday 17 March 2018 – 10 am @ the Day Dream Studio (New Delhi)