Explore Art

EXPLORE ART is back for version 3, running from Friday 15 June to Sunday 15 July 2018.

It’s still experimental, it’s still free, but it’s more refined than versions 1 & 2 – reinforcing stuff we got right, and redoing stuff we didn’t get quite as right. Since this workshop is still in trial mode, it continues to remain open only to participants who have workshopped with Ari before. (Newcomers, don’t be discouraged – this is only to ensure that you have a quality first experience with the Day Dream! 🙂 We hope to smooth out rough edges and open this workshop to the general public by late 2018, but in the meantime please feel free to sign up for any of our other workshops in New Delhi or Melbourne).

Featured above is a glimpse into some of what was created during the first two versions of Explore Art. Workshop participants explored their creator instincts through whichever medium caught their interest: photographs, drawings, poetry, microfiction, acrylic paint, kinetic sand, short stories, transient art, concrete, woodwork, spray paint, blutack, aluminium foil, fire, playdoh/plasticine, Lego, musical composition, stringed instruments, keyboard, video, pumpkins, and more.