Theatre Workshops in Docklands

For five Sunday afternoons in September, we’re going to meet up in Docklands at the beautiful Library at the Dock. We will work together through some theatre basics, put together some one act plays, and have a ton of fun! Sign up here.

The plays we’ll be working on will be one act plays from the public domain. I will have a selection of scripts ready but if you also have any you’d like to work on, feel free to let me know and bring them along 🙂 We’ll be working through a range of theatre basics including improv, movement, speech, script analysis, characterization, performance, and more. It’s not all serious and stuffy though – having fun and getting to know each other will be a pretty big focus as well 🙂

What: Theatre Workshops (by Aridhi Anderson)
Sundays 2-30 September, 1pm – 4pm
Cost: $180 (full price), $150 (early bird until 28/8)
Where: Library at the Dock,
107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands 3008

Sign up here.

You don’t need to have prior experience with theatre, just be willing to give something new a go. There will be a bit of movement involved but you don’t need to be super fit, just know your own body and stay within your own range of comfort. English doesn’t have to be your first language, but a basic hold of English will be necessary since there will be a fair bit of memorization, interpretation, discussion and performance.

Please dress comfortably and bring a bottle of water 🙂

Cancelled: July-August season in New Delhi

Dear New Delhi team, workshop participants, friends, supporters:

I am sorry to announce the cancellation of our July-August 2018 season in New Delhi (the first real cancellation of anything in our three years so far – it feels awful, I’m sorry). Due to an unforeseen medical emergency (that began on Wednesday 11 July, that I am in the process of recovering from), I am under strict advice not to travel for a while, several weeks at minimum. I am unable to provide alternate dates for a postponed season, at this stage.

I am so sorry I will not get to see you all as planned, and I hope that I will be able to announce a new season before long (although the new season definitely won’t be before September).

For those of you who have signed up for workshops or paid money for classes etc, I will reach out to coordinate full refunds for you as soon as possible. If you see this announcement before you receive a personal email from me, please do not hesitate to email me your bank details and I’ll process your refunds asap.

Love and best wishes,

Weekend Theatre Workshop: New Delhi

The end of our season in Melbourne means that our season in New Delhi is about to begin! Woohoo!

If you haven’t yet registered and paid for your spot in our Weekend Theatre Workshops, please do so asap – registrations close today (9 July) and Wednesday is the last date to pay (11 July). Register your batch preference at this link and you’ll receive an email with payment details within a few hours.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions before then 🙂

Parenthesis – A Comic Fantasy Play

An encounter with a magical fish interrupts a couple’s mundane life by the sea. Drama escalates into chaos as the two women find their love tested by power, ideology, and extraordinary twists of fate. 

The name of the Brothers Grimm conjures up images of princes and princesses, witches and curses, messages and morals. Their collection of household tales is often dismissed as a work primarily for children. But this play explores the timeless appeal of fairy tales for grown-ups as well.

{Parenthesis} reimagines the classic Grimm Brothers tale of The Fisherman and His Wife in a modern context, artfully chipping away at its dated exterior and carving anew a story threaded through with sweetness, subtlety and pathos. Respect for individuality replaces antiquated gender stereotypes. Pragmatism diverts new light on clichés against the pursuit of wealth. Motivated characters with well-established backstories supersede hollow hero-villain tropes.

Dates: Saturday 30 June & 7 July 2018
Time: 5:30 pm
Cost: $27-34
Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne

Explore Theatre: Work On Your Craft

EXPLORE THEATRE, our weekly open workshop in Melbourne CBD, is back from April-June 2018!

What: Explore Theatre – Work on Your Craft (workshop led by Aridhi Anderson)
Where: Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, 816/37 Swanston St (cnr Flinders Ln), Melbourne
When: 6-8 pm every Thursday from 5 April to 28 June 2018
Cost: $10 per session

Join a small group of theatre artists and enthusiasts in the city for two hours every Thursday evening and work on your craft at your own pace. There will be a guided session (different each week) on things like movement, voice, speech, creative expression, and so on. There will also be some scripts and written materials for participants to play with (you’re also welcome to bring your own). This is a be-who-you-are, judgement-free zone and everyone is welcome, regardless of experience or background.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water 🙂


The City of Jezebel is opening its gates to tourists and visitors for one day, for the Festival of their Queen. You are warmly invited to join in the celebrations, and worship in her Temple.

Date: 17 March 2018
Time: 10 am to 10.45 am
Venue: The Day Dream Studio, GK-3


JEZEBEL is an immersive theatre experience written & directed by Aridhi Anderson, and performed by the Day Dream Immersive Theatre Workshop. It is a dramatic exploration of a city that pays homage to the legacy of Jezebel, a hated Biblical villain, and presents a different side to this remarkable woman – a side that is at best admirable and inspiring, and at worst, simply human.

In this show, there is no separation between stage and seating, or between actors and audience. All audience members enter the show in character after the show has already begun, and remain immersed in the show until the end. Visitors will at all times have the assistance of locals in navigating the city and the events as they unfold.

Since the City of Jezebel has its own laws and its own currency, entry into this show will not be by the purchase of tickets for money. Entry is by an offering made to the Temple of the Queen. Every audience member is requested to bring with them one item of personal value/an item with a story, but not something that is valuable in monetary terms or valuable because of sentimental value attached to another person. This must be your own offering to the Temple, something you must be willing to part with and never see again.

The gates open at 9.50 am and close at 10:02 am. The immersive nature of this performance unfortunately does not permit us to grant entry to latecomers, no exceptions. Once the gates are closed they will not be opened again till the end of the show. Please ensure that you arrive at the venue well before the starting time.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Great City!

A Medium-Sized Battery

“Pack the planets neatly away into a box full of asteroids, black holes, and stars… and plug the box into a medium-sized battery to keep it running.”

A MEDIUM-SIZED BATTERY (written & directed by Aridhi Anderson, performed by the Day Dream Weekend Theatre Workshop team) is a collage of short stories about human relationships, based on the works of Mark Twain (The Diaries of Adam & Eve), Aridhi Anderson (A Love Story), Oscar Wilde (The Devoted Friend), and The Brothers Grimm (The Fisherman and His Wife).


The play follows the journey of two poets navigating divergent outlooks on life while affirming each other’s art and perspectives. It examines the essence of art as a means to absorb and express every aspect of the human experience, no matter how unconventional or far removed from the mainstream. It offers a view of art as a way for real people to share real stories, sometimes through side-splitting humour and at other times with greater gravity. It is a universe of experiences and emotions, unpacking the timeless themes of love, loss, friendship and aspirations.

Viewer discretion advised: this play contains mature themes, dark humour, and coarse language.

3 March 2018: 2.30 pm & 4 pm
9 March 2018: 5.30 pm & 7.30 pm

Akshara Theatre
11-B Baba Kharak Singh Marg
Next to RML Hospital Exit #5
New Delhi

Entry free
Seating on a first come first served basis.

Workshops to Kickstart 2018

2018 is here, and we’ve got an exciting line-up of new workshops for you to creatively challenge yourself with in Melbourne and New Delhi. All our workshops are open to everyone regardless of prior experience, everyone is welcome!


Thursday 4 Jan 2018: The Actor’s Instrument
A workshop by Aridhi Anderson (Director, the Day Dream).

Thursday 11 Jan 2018: Find Your Voice
A workshop by Janie Gibson (Actor, Creator, Teaching Artist).

Thursday 18 Jan 2018: Medieval Martial Arts
A workshop by Gindi Wauchope (Head Instructor, the School of Historical Fencing).

All of our January workshops will be held at

Stephen McLaughlan Gallery

816/37 Swanston St (cnr Flinders Ln) Melbourne
(Enter via Cathedral Arcade and take the lift up to level 8)
Time: 6 pm to 8 pm
Cost: $10 per session

To register, please enter your contact details and class preference here:

Please call or text 0411 725 160, or email if you have any questions.


Sat 3 Feb – Sun 4 March 2018: Weekend Theatre Workshop
An intensive weekend theatre workshop by Aridhi Anderson (Director, the Day Dream).

This workshop will be held in two batches at the Day Dream studio in GK – 3, and registration and pre-payment is essential to confirm your spot. Spots are currently available for the morning batch (10 am to 1.30 pm), and a waitlist is available for the afternoon batch (2.30 pm to 6 pm). We recommend registering asap to avoid disappointment.

To register, please visit this page.

Please WhatsApp 9810655287, or email if you have any questions.


2017: End of Year Update and Thank You

2017 has been an exciting year of productions, workshops, and community growth at the Day Dream, New Delhi & Melbourne.

2017 The Day Dream_s

We performed more than 20 shows of our four new productionsThe Bet in February, Clueless Men, Sadistic Sheep & Talking Fish in July, A Bet, A Net, and the Story of a Cockroach in August, and of course our big one for the year, Ophelia’s Inner Monologue from July to October, including at the Melbourne Fringe Festival (read a review here:

We performed at Dancehouse, the Courthouse Hotel, and Library at the Dock in Melbourne, and at India International Centre, Alliance Francaise, Habib Tanvir Studio, and Akshara Theatre in New Delhi. We worked with a diverse and committed cast of over 20 talented performers (actors and musicians), wonderful backstage and tech staff, collaborators and supporters.

We ran theatre workshops continuously every week from January to December at multiple venues: the beautiful Stephen McLaughlan Gallery and Dancehouse in Melbourne, and at our own beloved the Day Dream Studio in New Delhi. We also trial-ran our first ever international online workshop from October to December (and plan to run online workshops all year round starting early 2018).

In our workshops this year we were privileged to welcome scores of new participants across a diverse demographic (with our regular attenders aged 18-70s, representing different genders, several nationalities, working and studying in various fields, and holding diverse beliefs and opinions). We’re proud to continue to uphold our foundational value of being a place of warm welcome to absolutely anyone who comes along.

To our team of actors and musicians, all our venue hosts, administrators and staff, backstage and tech experts, our collaborators, and to every single individual and group who has supported us this year – whether by attending our workshops, paying for tickets, watching our shows, buying merchandise, promoting our work, sending good wishes, or being there for us in absolutely any other way – our heartfelt thanks. We couldn’t have done it without you, and look forward to your continued partnership and support in 2018.

– Aridhi Anderson
Director, The Day Dream